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ABC - Shabaley

Published on 02 Jan 2017
das 32

SHABALEY - This winter ABC is catering with amazing recipes. One of those sizzling dishes is SHABALEY. Shabaley is like meat samosas or patties but the juice of the meat makes the filling utterly delicious. Eventually, everybody’s heart and taste buds are clicked on to this recipe which is succulent and just of the right consistency. Let’s enjoy & take some time to chill with tasty Shabaley only on Shabaley: Ingredients: 250 gms chicken mince ( boiled) | Chopped chillies | Soy sauce | Ginger and garlic ( paste, 2 tbsp each) | 2 onions chopped | 300 gms flour, water and oil for dough | Tomatoes, cheese, chillies, onion, garlic ( relish) ...

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